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Nau-Zee-auN, Terrorfakt, Skinny Puppy, White Mice and more [May. 21st, 2007|05:41 pm]
New England Bombing Arts
Nau-Zee-auN's first video sampling set

Since Emergency Broadcast Network created their brand of video sample based multimedia barrages in the early 90's the idea of using video as source material for live performance has been a goal of Nau-Zee-auN. On June 1st as the opening act at the Sky Bar the first beta test of a video sample based Nau-Zee-auN set will be launched.


over 60 new releases at the Voidstore

including Zipper Spy, XXL, Xotox, Xiu Xiu, Wolf Eyes, William S. Burroughs, Trevor Tremaine (Hair Police), Thurston Moore, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir (solo work by Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson of COIL), The Residents, The Operative, The Fucking Champs, The Birds, The Bark Haze, Smegma, Sliding Elements, Skinny Puppy, Seofon (of Mystery School, Ambient Temple Of Imagination), Rivulets, Richard Kern, Public Enemy, Psychic TV [PTV], Prurient, Piano Magic, Phantom West, Pauline Oliveros, Paul Flaherty, Noam Chomsky, Mouthus, Mindflayer, Merzbow, Manufactura, Major Stars, Larsen, KK Null, Joy Division, Jessica Rylan (Can't), Jessica Baliff, Jad Fair , Howard Zinn, Hototogisu, Glenn Branca, Foetus (J.G. Thirlwell), FabrikC, Endif, Einstürzende Neubauten, Death Unit, Citay, Chris Corsano, Chris Brokaw, Charles Bukowski, Cervello Elettronico, Cenotype, Caustic, Carlos Giffoni, C/A/T, C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), Brian Sullivan (Mouthus), Axolotl, Autoclav1.1, ANP (Absolut Null Punkt), Andrew Macgregor, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO.


In celebration of MALCOLM X's b-day, S6K.com launched a slew of sites and video's yesturday.

Good Hair Gone Bad
34th Chapter of Veterans for Peace
Vicky Virgin
Latino Corner with Willie Villegas
and much more at http://www.s6k.com


June 1st TERRORFAKT, TONIKOM, CENOTYPE and NAU-ZEE-AUN perform at the Sky Bar to celebrate Peter Lee's b-day. Come out and join us.



As if Skinny Puppy wasn't enough, for the Boston date and numerous others on the tour Providence's WHITE MICE will be opening. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Avalon is soooo not ready for this type of bloody fun. Oh yeah, and OTTO VON SCHIRACH is on all the dates for the breakcore hungry out there. This is now well worth the ticket-bastard charges.