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STRIKE! INVADES CORROSION [Dec. 5th, 2006|06:48 pm]
New England Bombing Arts

hey folks hold on to your hats and have a seat... no wait, on second thought don't, stand up, stretch out, and strap on your dancing shoes and prepare to KICK ASS!!

STRIKE! is invading Corrosion! thats right you heard me, IAN EVIL [the mastermind behind the providence based weekly industrial dance party that was known as STRIKE!], and myself, [also from strike, as well as corrosion] along with special guest MATHEW GRIFFIN will be destroying the dance floor with the very best in industrial, ebm, powernoise, idm, and all other manner of awesome electro insanity. TONIGHT!!! @ Club Gallery [150 point st Providence RI]
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Sunday in Providence: TERRORFAKT, Nau-Zee-auN, W.A.S.T.E., C [Nov. 9th, 2006|01:44 pm]
New England Bombing Arts

This Sunday @ Club Energy - Providence RI (71 Union St.)

[Metropolis, Industrial Strength]


[west coast]

[west coast]

DJ Ian Evil
[turning 21]

DJ Peter Lee
[Force of Nature, Industrial Fest]

for more details: http://www.myspace.com/strike_pvd

+ in < 1 month


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Peace in the NorthEast [Jul. 26th, 2006|10:39 am]
New England Bombing Arts

[Current Location |Wilder Vt]
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[music |phone]

Hey I'm from VT and am getting into stenciling. I've always loved graffiti, it was one of the only reasons why I'd ever agree with anyone on going into a city.

Anywho, these are my first two stencils and the woman off a cliff might be put up around sometime...look for it where walls and concrete meet. Yes, they are wicked sucky. I will learn. the first one was 6 colors.

I learned a lot today.

1. Patience-I need to let the paint dry
2. Don't spray when there's wind. :-) Simply because it goes everywhere but where I want it.
3. Paper kinda sux to use unless w/adhesive
4. wear gloves, I was scraping my nails for a long time
5. use short bursts

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Providence Noise - Production and Distribution Specialists [Nov. 15th, 2005|09:41 am]
New England Bombing Arts

So, as Atmosphere says:

"This is for everyone around the planet
That wishes they were from somewhere
Other than were they’re standing
Don’t take it for granted
Instead take a look around
Quit complaining and build something on that ground
Plant something on that ground
Dance and sleep on that ground
Get on your hands and knees and watch the ants walk around the ground
Make a family, make magic, make a mess
Take the stress, feel your motivation, and build your nest

And we all know he's the wisest of all wise rappers. I've decided its time to give props to my hometown, and what's apparently the Noise capital of America: Providence, RI.

The first announcement, is that our goth/industrial night Resurrection has splintered into a few different themed nights. Now, the first Sunday of every month is Earthquake, a Force of Nature event featuring live music, guest DJs and lots of "offensively noisy crap."
In the past, we've booked the likes of Grendel, Pneumatic Detach, Terretron and FGFC820, with guest DJs Brad Rhodes, Shivar and Mothra.
Our next event is Monolith live, with DJ Adam X, on December 4th at club hell.
DJ Peter Lee and myself are the resident DJs, and spin a mix of hard electronic, powernoise, EBM and electro-industrial, with a sampling of gabber, experimental, technoid, noise and ambient every so often.

Sample Playlist, November 6thCollapse )

Providence is also a the centralized industrial music spot for New England and New York. (Hartford would be geographically, but Hartford has the worst industrial scene ever, and you can quote me on that.) Bands like Scrape[DX], Pneumatic Detach, Chainsaws.and.Children, Terretron, GASR, Battery Cage and American Electronics Corp., Grenadier, Freezepop (meh), Karlheinz, Nau-Zee-auN and Zero Times Infinity, C2 and Control.org, Prurient, and even NYC acts like Terrorfakt and Cervello Eletronico are all living, working and performing somewhere nearby.

Providence is also the home to Force of Nature Productions, which has booked and promoted hundreds of industrial and experimental acts at local venues. In the summer of 2006 will be the fifth incarnation of the Providence Industrial Festival. An even which now runs for three days, and hosts more than 30 live artists and a dozen DJs. Last year, fans saw Mimetic, This Morn' Omina, Synth-Etik, Detritus, Andraculoid, Liar's Rosebush, Concrete Cookie and The [law-rah] Collective to name a few.

Recent bookings have included Doormouse, CDatakill and Edgy, and last night's E-Craft concert. Which was amazing.
A few pictures:Collapse )

For more promotional and booking information, check out force of nature . cc
Also, the Kaos Corporation, a New England based website for industrial music and culture, including DJing, urban exploration, music production, street art and politics is still in the works.

AIM: DJ Ian Evil for more info.
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Spraypaint, Black T-Shirts, Machinery Beats [Sep. 11th, 2005|04:24 pm]
New England Bombing Arts


Welcome to the New England Bombing Arts collective.

Anyone based in New England or New York, either full or part-time, that creates their own music, graffiti, stencil, stickers, screenprints or other DIY artwork is encouraged to join. Post photographs of graffiti, posters or other street manipulations. Post links to .jpg, .png, .eps, .pdf or .whatever stencil and poster files. Post links to musicians and performance artists, mp3s and video files. Post links to other local groups, collectives, start-ups, record shops, graffiti crews and relevant local news.

Our goal is to encourage and enable full-time, recreational and renegade artists, to build a stronger and more interesting New England arts community.

Draft version of the Kaos Corporation/New England Bombing Arts manifesto:
cyberpunk, dystopia and marketabilityCollapse )

Get your critiques and criticism in now, before it goes public with the website.
This draft version will be posted here and remain untouched (except for spelling and grammar corrections) for everyone to tear apart.
I'll admit that already I think its a bit redundant, broad and.. big. But it has yet to be refined. I jumped out of the shower today, and it sparked. Now you've got your hands on it.
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