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Cyber-graffiti Art or Urban Transformation Arts?... - N.E.B.A. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
New England Bombing Arts

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Cyber-graffiti Art or Urban Transformation Arts?... [Dec. 26th, 2006|06:34 pm]
New England Bombing Arts


Dear Friends!

Exuce my English. I very like The Dreamers film, anarchy and freedom :) i like graffiti and cyberart also. Now we made 2 community about interests ideas by this company (Xe Kluv, Dj Irishwild and zerkaloolakrez)

This is the last idea by Dj Irishwild. It i posted now in my LJ.
Our communities about Transformation Art and Cyber Art:


" I simply fractal split on action and millions of chances! - has said Joe Crocus. - spread bones! " (Jeff Noon)

" On spheres and four-dimensional hyperspheres there are points and lines, squares, circles and cubes; from them the world and its players is created; but still there are such strange and almost unimaginable figures, as фрактальные the curves which are being between measurements: for example, the coastal line of Britain will be stretched to those further, than more close you consider it is it function between section and a surface: the more close you to a curve, the it is less than information contains; therefore it is continuous dimensions a way has infinite potential for scope of knowledge, and game фрактального will have a dominoe of much more combinations, than show points that brings us to a following idea: the daily life is the branched out labyrinth in the multiUniverse where each choice conducts by other life in other advantageous game on other forgotten line ". (Jeff Noon)

If we Graffiti Artist will start to draw a way from the various abilities of space and time, only to one it conducted, whether it will find the adherents, capable to create a collective information databank on the various abilities of space and time's ways connected all the same by uniform logic?....

The second question: whether can be cyber-graffiti and how they look?

The third question: whether the private world of the person can, reflected in a diary together with its 4 measurement incorporated in the same place (the factor of time) - that is development in the future or in potential - to refer to as unit cyber-graffiti ? Whether Spin Cyber Graffiti Artists a network from which their persons and a life all other consciousnesses and the lives reflected in diaries consist? All of us - " the branched out labyrinth in the Universe "? Whether But game it? Whether changes each new choice a line of the general picture of a life?